School Ethos Models

Called by a few different names such as School Ethos Models, Learning Landscapes, Learner Models and Beliefs Diagrams, they are a powerful way to clarify and articulate your school's beliefs about effective education.

They transform your vision, mission and values from common descriptive words into unique and powerful images that engage all members of the school community.

School Learning Ethos Models are a visual representation of what your school stands for and clarify expectations of behaviour for staff, students and parents. They also provide visual cues that help promote and reinforce these behaviours.

Even though schools share similar values, their branding is different. The resulting imagery and symbolism will reflect this, which can then be applied to such things as values flags, posters and school signage.

Ilam School Ethos Model Christchurch NZ

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From My School Client Friends


"I highly recommend Craig and ĢƵ Matters if you are serious about the branding and image of your school. Craig's approach with our team at Christchurch East has been both professional and flexible and has allowed us to represent what Christchurch East is all about through visual imagery in a creative way. We continue to receive positive feedback about the work Craig helped us to produce."

Mike Agar
Principal, Christchurch East School, New Zealand


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