A School Prospectusshould capture, at a glance, the excitingrange of activities and subjects available ina school. It should be designed in a way that highlights all the very best things that make a school an unique and exciting place tolearn.

Its purposeis to not only inform but to stimulate a response in prospective parents to find out more about aschool. Getting the look and content right will help encourage parents to make contact and book in for a visit.

In recent yearsthere has been amovement away from printed prospectuses toward digital versions. But there's something quite unique and special about a printed prospectus and the tactile nature of picking one up and thumbing through the pages. The design, paper choices and print quality all help supporta school's brand image. Likewise, a poorly designed, badlyprinted prospectus can send negative signals about a school's brand.


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International Student Brochures

Like the prospectus, an International Student Brochureis a great way of providing potential students, in their native language, insight into the life of aschool.

These brochures serve the purpose of providing enough applicable informationto parentsso that they either contact the school directly or visit the school website for more information before making contact.


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School Curriculum Brochures

A School Curriculum Brochure transforms a very 'wordy' curriculum document into a visually interesting and useful resource for staff.

I help school principals transform their current curriculum documents into 'easy to read' reference tools for staff.

It should clarify tostaff ways for:

  • Students to learn to know the vision and values of their school

  • Teachers to direct activities in ways that model the schools vision and values

  • Students to begin to model the school vision and values in their everyday lives

I help school principals transform their current curriculum documents into 'easy to read' reference tools for staff.


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ĢƵStyle Guides

A ĢƵ Style Guide makes it easy for staff and suppliers to understand how, and how not, to use a school's brand identity assets.It should include:

  • Options for howthe school logo is toappear stylistically.

  • Colours specifications for use in print or online.

  • Approvedtypefacesfor use.

  • How the school brand should lookon stationery, in publications, or in advertising.

  • A digital folder of files containing the logo and any other brand assets in various formats readyfor use.


The style guide will help schools maintain control over how their brand identity is implemented. It's important to have a consistent look so that brand recognition increases over time whenever the school promotes itself in public.

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From My School Friends


"Craig from ĢƵ Matters has been an integral part to recent developments at Rakaia School. Craig sat in on a strategic planning meeting and gained an insight in to the school direction and ethos. His excellent understanding then led to significant changes in our marketing and logo development. He has sharpened the image of the school giving a professional and polished feel to all publications and written material including newsletters, school reports and stationery.

I highly recommend Craig and ĢƵ Matters if you are looking to freshen up the image of your school and to help you align your vision, mission and values with the support of a professional Graphic Design Company."

Mark Ellis
Principal, RakaiaSchool, New Zealand


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