Mount Eden Normal Primary School is situated right next to Mount Eden - one of a number of dormant volcanoes situated in the heart of Central Auckland. I was asked to create some new branding that helped to connect the school more closely to this unique landmark.

Mount Eden Normal Primary School (MENPS) is a traditional progressive style school situated at the foot of Mount Eden near the Mount Eden Village.

MENPS's identity is founded on the premise that learning should be fun and challenging, where staff and students feel safe, are happy, feel they belong and where there is a focus on individual student needs. There are high expectations around learning with a strong commitment to educational excellence.

MENPS is a ‘Normal’ school as a result of its long standing relationship with Auckland University and the school being used as a teacher training facility.


Mount Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

The New Logo

The new school logo is based on a stylised side on depiction of Mount Eden and its terraces. I have used the terraces (created during pre-European Maori occupation in the 1700s) to create the shape of the logo symbol. They are uneven looking and connected by individual pathways. This represents the learning challenge that MENPS places in front of its students. Learning shouldn’t be easy and there will be bumps to overcome along the learning pathway in order to reach the summit of knowledge.

The Crater

The logo symbol is in an uneven looking pentagon shape. It is a stylised representation of the shape of the crater - the centre of all knowledge.

At the summit is a koru symbolising the learning and discovering of new things. In this case it is the crater of Mount Eden (Maungawhau) - sacred to Maori. The crater is named Te Ipu-a-Mataaho ('the bowl of Mataaho'); Mataaho was a deity said to live in the crater and to be the guardian of the secrets hidden in the earth. MENPS are holders of knowledge and learning in the area for primary school aged children. Students dive deep into the ‘crater of learning’, their eyes wide open ready to discover new things.


The shapes in the logo are dynamic and full of energy highlighting the energy with which staff and students approach learning. It has a volcanic, lava feel.

The style of the logo is modern and progressive looking. The contemporary typeface used compliments the rounded shapes in the logo symbol and adds a friendly professional balance to the overall look. It is a clean smart looking logo design in the school colours.


Logo Usage Guide

MENPS 'Touchstones'

MENPS's learning dispositions are known as their 'touchstones'. These are based on volcanic rock similar to that found on Mount Eden. They are Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Kaitiakitanga and Wānanga. Each learning disposition appears as if it were carved into each of the rocks.

The braided rope is an important feature. Staff want to highlight the 'interwoven' nature of the learning dispositions as part of their daily classroom activities.


MENPS Touchstones



3D Acrylic Outdoor School Logo


School Reception Area Perspex Mounted Logo

From the Principal - Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson Mt Eden Normal Primary School Auckland NZ

"Really impressed with the design process, and the time taken to understand the local context and priorities in what we wanted our logo redesign to capture. 

The communication was great throughout, and the professional approach enabled us to achieve our goals and refine the concept really effectively.

I would highly recommend the service as a positive and creative design project that helped us move forward to define a fresh new look."

Alan Jackson - Tumuaki/Principal
Mt Eden Normal Primary School, Auckland


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