Flags, Banners, & Signage

There are so many different applications for flags, banners and signs around schools. Designed well they will help raise your school profile and promote brand recognition around your school logo, values, and beliefs. At sports events they help your school stand out from the crowd. Values based signs and banners reinforce school values and expectations around behaviour.

Ilam School Ethos Sign Outside Christchurch NZ

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From My School Client Friends


"Through his reflective listening around our current context and his creative, inspirational flair, Craig exceeded our school's expectations to update our school graphics recently.  His experience working with schools with their mission, vision and values to develop unique characters that capture the essence of the school gives him a deep understanding of what schools need; and what will capture the hearts and minds of students. We were able to both modernise our traditional school logo, create amazing learner visuals and outdoor signage. I commend Craig for his flexibility, his attention to detail throughout what was a very rewarding design and signage process for us all at Linwood North."

Sandra Dentice
Principal, Whītau School


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