Fiordland College PB4L Branding


The Fiordland College PB4L Branding Case Study is coming soon! While waiting check out this case study for South Otago High School HERE Or explore over 80 examples of PB4L / Values symbols and graphics HERE From The PB4L Coordinator “Working with Craig was an absolute pleasure. His exceptional communication skills ensured that he fully…

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South Otago High School’s PB4L Branding

South Otago High School approached me to create some branding around their PB4L Values. They have three core values – Respect, Excellence and Pride. How could these be personalised for South Otago High School’s current situation? What visual elements could be drawn upon to give these values a sense of place and purpose? The school…

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Brand Clarity, Consistency, and Burnside High School

The Burnside High School logo symbol is iconic among schools in the Canterbury Region and beyond. Yet there had never been any guidelines established to help staff and suppliers use it in a consistent way. They decided themselves on how it would appear.   To fix this we went back to the beginning and created some visual standards…

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