Taradale Intermediate has undertaken an extensive refresh of its school branding. This included a refresh of their school logo, school values, team logos, school stationery, ethos diagram and inquiry model. It began by understanding what was important to them. The clocktower in the middle of town was something that the school community deeply cared about and wanted to retain as part of their story. This is their journey.

In 2019 I was approached by Vinka Donkin, one of Taradale Intermediate's senior learning leaders. She asked if I could smarten up the school's branding. I began by looking at the school logo. But before any work could begin I needed to understand how the community viewed the current logo. They felt it was tired and outdated. However, the overwhelming majority (especially students) wanted to retain the war memorial clocktower as part of any new logo. With this in mind I began thinking about how we could incorporate this cherished landmark into a new brand narrative that complimented how they viewed their school.



Old School Logo

The Clocktower stands almost at the centre of the Taradale township. In the logo is symbolises Taradale Intermediate - the centre of learning for Year 7 and 8 students.

The school specialises in providing a multitude of learning opportunities for their students. These opportunities begin at the ‘centre’ as symbolised by the clocktower (and two koru leading inward) and then move outward. I created their motto 'Discover Something New' to highlight the numerous opportunities to try new things at the school.

The road map symbolises the numerous learning pathways available to students along the way.

New School Logo

The new logo has a strong sense of location about it. It is a bold, simple, formal and modern design that will withstand the test of time. School leaders wanted to include a poutama 'stepped' pattern, as part of the brand look, to tie in with their whakatauāki. The poutama pattern represents not only stepping up but stepping out with learning. The more growth and confidence students attain in their learning jouney, the more independant they are in moving further outward from the centre and onto their next journey in life.


New School Logo


New School Stationery

Ethos & Student Inquiry Diagrams

Their four core values - Character (heart), Communication (speech bubble), Curiosity (magnifying glass), and Capability (steps) rotate around their four teams (Kaweka, Tareha, Mohaka and Takitimu). Likewise, the four teams revolve around the centre. The poutama patterns act like arrows, in a clockwise direction, rotating over the top of the Taradale map pattern in the background.


Taradale Intermediate Ethos Diagram


Taradale Intermediate Student Inquiry


Taradale Intermediate Values Flags


Taradale Intermediate Team Flags


School Uniform Options


School Badges

From Learning Leader - Vinka Donkin


Craig is fantastic at what he does. He listens really well and used his expertise to guide us along the way to re-brand our school. I have appreciated Craig's efficiency in communication and also his understanding that schools are busy places and the process can often be slowed down around meetings, consultation and collaboration. Our re-branding really captures who we are. We are excited to be launching this over the next two years and really value the on-going professional relationship we have with Craig. Highly recommend! Thanks, from the Taradale Intermediate team.

Vinka Donkin -
Learning Leader
Taradale Intermediate, Hawke's Bay


Intermediate schools are unique.

I've worked with a number of Intermediates over the years. They are unique in how they help students during those transitional teenage years. Give me a call if you'd like to explore how we could work some magic into your Intermediate's branding.

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