Meet RERE, Winton School's mascot that they use to champion their PB4L values and learner dispositions.

I began writing this case study in back 2016. Three years later? RERE has taken on a life of his own and become firmly embedded in the life and culture of the school.

It's a fantastic story. But where did it all begin?

Winton School adopted  in 2016. It was then that they embarked on a journey to learn more about themselves, their school culture and what it was that made their environment unique. Out of that journey evolved a core set of values and practices around the types of pro-social behaviour they wanted to encourage school wide. "Rere" was created to champion those beliefs.


Rere is based on a Tui - a native bird of New Zealand. The word in Māori means "fly". Winton went one step further and used the word as an acronym for their core set of values -

Respect  (whakaute)

Effort  (manawanuitanga)

Responsibility  (takohanga)

Empathy  (puaroha)

As part of their PB4L programme, they developed "The Winton Way". A display graphic was designed and used to promote RERE and their values around the school. Flags were created for the school entrance area and certificates were designed and printed to celebrate student achievement.

Winton School PB4L Model
The Winton Way PB4L Wall Graphic

The Winton Way Wall Graphics

Winton Way Wall Graphic Southland NZ
Winton Way Wall Graphic
Winton Way Wall Graphic Southland NZ
Winton Way Wall Graphic
The Winton Way Wall Graphic
Winton Way Wall Graphic

The Winton Way Certificates & Flags

The Winton Way Certificates Southland NZ
The Winton Way PB4L Certificates
The Winton Way PB4L Flags Southland NZ
The Winton Way Flags

In 2018 I was asked to show how RERE could demonstrate Winton's newly developed learning dispositions which they called their "Learner Muscles". There are five:






These are shown at the centre of their school logo symbol (the tree) to signify their importance. Winton's "Question, Inquire, Act" Learner Model outlines how students use their learner muscles to understand the world around them.

The Winton Learner Model Southland NZ
The Winton Learner Model

Learner Muscles Classroom Posters

It's always a challenge finding ways to connect values or learning dispositions to mascot actions, and doing so in a way that encourages discussion among students of different primary age groups.

Winton School Self Manager Poster Southland NZ
Self Manager Learner Muscle Poster

The "Self Manager" is shown 'juggling' their various responsibilities during the day - eating, time, learning, and leisure activities.

Winton School Thinker Poster Southland NZ
Thinker Learner Muscle Poster

The "Thinker" is trying to find solutions. The light bulb is a universal symbol for this.

Winton School Researcher Poster Southland NZ
Researcher Learner Muscle Poster

The "Researcher" uses lots of different tools at their disposal to understand something on a local and global level.

Winton School Communicator Poster Southland NZ
Communicator Learner Muscle Poster

The "Communicator" is able to articulate what they know in a clear and concise way.

Winton School Collaborator Poster Southland NZ
Collaborator Learner Muscle Poster

The "Collaborator" is able to work well with others in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Winton School RERE Mascot Costume
RERE Mascot Costume

The younger students get excited going up on stage to receive awards and shake RERE's hand.

RERE and The Winton Way play a huge role in the life of the school. He has become an amazing ambassador for everything they stand for.

If you've enjoyed reading this case study, and would like to see some more examples of mascots or PB4L branding, check out the Mascots or PB4L/Values Branding pages. I regularly update these pages with more examples as they come to hand.


I love creating school mascots.

Call me if you would like to know more about how to develop a mascot for your school values programme.